Virgin Media Type 13 Remote for TiVo


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this type 13 virgin media V6 remote control V6 program remote to control tv 1.Turn on Tv and V6 tivo * The remote will automatically work with the Virgin box it came with o this method will help you connect your remote to your TV so you can change the TV setting such a the sound level. 2. Pre the Home button on your remote. You’ll find thisat the top of your remote. 3.Navigate to Help & etting and pre OK on your remote. You’ll want to ue the directional pad to navigate down the menu on the creen then pre the circular button that ay OK in the center of the directional pad. 4.Navigate to Help and pre OK. Help hould automatically be elected o you hould jut have to pre Ok to continue. 5.Navigate to Program Your Remote and pre OK. You’ll ee thisat the top of your creen; you hould ue the up arrow in your directional pad to navigate to it. 6.elect Ye et up my Virgin TV remote now and pre OK. The model of your TV hould be automatically detected and a code will diplay on the creen. 7.Pre and hold the TV and Clear button together. You’ll ee the TV button in the top right corner of the remote and the Clear button in the bottom left corner. * The LED light at the top of your remote will flah green twice and you can releae the TV and Clear button. 8.Enter the code on your remote. You’ll need to pre the button on the remote that you ee diplayed on your TV. * The LED light at the top of your remote hould flah green twice again. * Tet that thisworked by preing the Volume Up and Volume Down button. If the volume on your TV change you’ve uccefully connected your remote to your TV. If not you’ll need to kip to the method to manually connect your remote to your TV. 9.elect Ye that worked! and pre OK. If preing the volume button on your remote worked then you hould alo be able to turn off the TV with your remote and can kip the ret of thisarticle


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