Bug Zapper,4300V 20W AoliGer Electric Outdoor Indoor Mosquito Killer Mosquito Trap Fly Zapper Insect Killer with Light Sensor, 2300 Sq.Ft Coverage


  • Bug Zapper Outdoor Electric, 4300V high voltage power grid instantly kills the bugs on contact.The mosquito zapper can be used to kill mosquitoes, flies, and moths, simply plug in and enjoy a pest free zone.
  • Mosquito Killer with Light Sensor Smart Control ,one of the only insect killer with light sensor build in, that is turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn, a lifestyle that advocates saving money and reducing trouble. 2 working mode provided(Plug in required) :auto dusk to dawn (with light sensor open), manually on and off according your demand (with light sensor closure).
  • 20W Mosquito Bug Zapper, 20W UV light emits 365mm bug visible violet light and attract bugs within a 2300 sq.ft area. Bug Zapper outdoor and indoor is perfect for patio, garage, deck, lawn , garden, balcony, living room, etc., the replaceable bulb long last usage for 8,00 to 10,000 hours.
  • Insect Zapper Safe and Efficient, portable bug zapper is waterproof, suitable for outdoor and indoor. It’s Non-toxic and Non-chemical. The mesh is designed to be smaller than a child’s fingertip, which prevents children and pets from accidental touching.
  • Mosquito Zapper is Easy Using and Cleaning , simply place it on a flat place, or use a ring to hang it on a tree or house wall bracket. For better results, please put your fly trap in areas where flying insects are frequent activity.Outdoor bug zapper is easy clean, just remove the insects collection tray, and clean up the debris, then rinse with water.


Product Description

bug zapper outdoor

AoliGer Bug Zapper is designed without using any harmful chemical at all, It attracts flying insects and instantly electric shock them by the 4300V internal grid.

Flying insects such as mosquitos, gnats, moths and fruit flies become irritating as summer approaches, If you are looking out for a effective way to battle with the these flying insects, AoliGer powerful insect killer help you get rid of those unwanted pests.

Warmly Tips:

Run bug zapper for 2-3 hours before bed to avoid mosquito bites;

Put bug zapper work in the darkness for better performance;

Do not place the device too close to humans because human presence may impair its performance;

We suggest put mosquito killer lamp at a height of about 1.5 meters and avoid interference from other light sources.

bug zapper outdoor

Smart Light Sensor Bug Zapper ,Save Power and Last Bulb Lifetime

Unlike most mosquito killer lamps on the market, AoliGer light sense/triggered mosquito killer lamps provide two kinds of efficient working mode.

Auto light trigger mode:

With light sensor uncovered, the device will be triggered auto start working when the device sense the surrounding environment is dark, and will be triggered auto switch off when the environment gets bright(in bright daytime ,or under direct light illuminated environments even in the evening )

Regular Mode:

With light sensor to be covered , It will run 24/7 in regular mode, turn on with continuous working until manually shutdown.

bug zapper outdoor
bug zapper outdoor


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